5 Types of Facebook Posts You Should be Using

February 12, 2016

Facebook PostsIt can be tough to keep up with your social media accounts when you’re running your inn or vacation rental business. All that running around is exhausting! One of the best things you can do to make it easier on yourself is to establish a good method and rhythm so the thought of posting doesn’t overwhelm you.

Consider setting aside one hour during the week to sit down and schedule facebook posts that will automatically publish throughout the week. This will help you post consistently, but you also don’t want to post too often as a business. The rhythm will similarly give you a chance to establish the types of posts you will consistently share on your timeline. Facebook posts don’t have to be a headache, they can actually be fun!

Here are a few suggestions of engaging facebook posts that perform well:

  1. Properties and Rooms
    Grab your audience’s attention with stunning pictures of your properties and rooms. In the middle of the work week these images are an escape from the busyness of life and will generate some traffic back to your website. Who doesn’t dream of vacation on a Wednesday afternoon at the office?
  2. Book Specials Now
    When you’re running specials at your business, by all means post them to facebook! We have had many success stories by posting specials at the last minute for the spontaneous customers out there looking for a quick getaway. You are sure to catch someone on their last legs in need of a retreat. As usual, include some beautiful photos of everything you have to offer the weary traveler.
  3. Beautiful Pictures
    People visit you for more than just your homey and charming accommodations, but because you’re located in a coveted destination. Share the scenery with your audience to remind them of all the wonderful things they will see and do on their next visit. You may also spur a nostalgic response that has people booking their next trip.  
  4. Lead Generation Posts
    If you have a lead generation tool like a Vacation Guide, share it at least a few times a month. These facebook posts give you even more opportunities to grow your email marketing lists to reach more potential customers. Vacation Guides are also a useful resource to give away and will be appreciated by your audience, showing them your commitment to serving them well.
  5. Sharing Posts
    One of the easiest and most engaging kinds of facebook post is to simply follow other local businesses and government organizations who have great facebook feeds and share their posts frequently. Shared posts tend to have a wider audience, which will attract more people back to your page. If you’re scrambling to think up a unique post for the week, just hop on someone else’s page and share something beautiful they’ve crafted and worry no more!

Don’t let facebook posts get to the best of your peace of mind. It can be easy and consume less than an hour of your week once you get it down. If you really can’t find the time, consider hiring Q4Launch to manage your social media accounts for you and we will tackle your facebook page with our years of experience in growing and maintaining an engaged audience. We love to do it!