3 of the Best Ways to Utilize Facebook in 2016 for Hospitality

February 22, 2016

facebookJust 12 years after its initial launch, the social media monster known as Facebook has taken the hospitality industry by storm. Now the number one social network in the world, Facebook has changed the way business’ must market themselves in order to attract customers. The site’s success is largely due to its ability to constantly adapt to online trends and the needs of users – and with innovate tools and features released every month, it can seem impossible for small business owners to keep up. That’s why we’ve come up with a few tips and tricks that will help your business take advantage of Facebook’s newest (and coolest!) features in 2016.

How Your Business Can Thrive With The Newest Facebook Features

  1. Create Video Content
    From makeup tutorials to news segments, it’s clear that users are craving video content. As you’ve probably seen, Facebook has already included auto-playing videos into news feeds that give users the option to watch instantly, or continue scrolling. Facebook also recently announced plans to release Facebook Live, a live streaming video function that gives your business the chance to promote itself in real time. If a user in a snow-covered New England town stumbles on your video of waves crashing on a Florida beach, there’s a good chance they’ll be inspired to book a trip! Take advantage of this new feature by creating engaging, interesting video content that gives users a glimpse into your world and encourages them to visit your destination.
  2. Be Searchable
    In October 2015, Facebook rolled out an improved search function – similar to Google or Bing – that makes public posts more accessible to the Facebook community. In the past, Facebook search was useful if someone was looking for something specific, whose page that user had already liked. Now, a more general search term like “lodging in Vermont” will bring up a variety of options, including businesses whose pages a user hasn’t liked. Because users can find your business more easily, it’s likely you’ll get a higher search volume on Facebook than ever before. Make sure that all of the information on your Facebook page is up-to-date, relevant, and leads back to your website, so that users who find your business will book that trip.
  3. Get More Reviews
    Much like Yelp or Google, Facebook wants to be a recommendation engine and actively prompts users to review the places they’ve been. If you check in or tag a location in a post, Facebook will ask you to elaborate about your experience and to rate it out of 5 stars. This is also extremely important for your business! If a user is not a fan of your page but sees that it has five stars on Facebook, they are more likely to click on your page over a competitor. It’s not rocket science, but in the past, users went to search engines first for reviews as opposed to social media platforms. Make sure that you have great reviews on Facebook so that more users will click on your page and recommend your business to others.

What Does It All Mean?

At the end of the day, the goal of your business’ social media presence is to drive users to your website and, ultimately, book a room. Posting real-time videos with engaging content is a great way to get a user’s attention, but it doesn’t necessarily tell them that they need to start planning their trip. The video should also include a link to your website and a call to action (CTA) that encourages users to book now and with you, as opposed to somewhere else. By staying on top of the changing trends on Facebook, your business will be one click closer to getting a user off of their computer and into one of your rooms!