4 Super Successful Email Marketing Examples

People learn in all different ways. Some folks are great about reading something once and they’re already a subject master. Others can read the same piece of material and intuitively understand but still need to see an example. This blog is for everyone, but specifically those who need examples! Below is a compilation of just 4 of the many email marketing examples we’ve created that have had a ridiculous amount of success. When you look at the numbers below, keep in mind that the travel industry average for email open rates is just 20.0%, while the average for click through rates is just 2.8% (according to MailChimp).

*Note: Click on the images below to see a bigger view of the email campaign.

Celebrate New & Exciting Events – Ledges Hotel

email marketing examplesKey Numbers: 66.5% open rate; 22.2% click through rate
Subject Line: Celebrate the Launch of Our New Website With Us!

The open rate and click through rate for this campaign were out of this world! With this example, we wanted to focus on celebrating the launch of Ledges Hotel’s brand new responsive website. People want to celebrate success with businesses, organizations, and teams in which they share some sort of connection. Knowing this, the subject line was crafted to get people to share in the celebration, and, therefore, open the email. As our main Call to Action (CTA), we wanted folks to see the rooms, and, in turn, book a stay. We also wanted to take people to the home page of Ledges Hotel to see the new design. As a result, we saw 79.5% of all clicks go to those two places.

Provide Something Useful – Chatham Gables Inn

email marketing examplesKey Numbers: 48.2% open rate; 10.5% click through rate
Subject Line: Your 2014 Cape Code Travel Guide

When you are providing something that has a high value to the recipients, they are going to be more likely to open the email. For the case of Chatham Gables Inn, we chose to be very direct in what was inside instead of being vague or mysterious. This produced great open and click through rates. In the previous example, two links dominated the clicks, but in this example, the action was spread over four links. Because a travel guide encompasses several parts of a vacation, we also included a variation of travel-related links outside of the travel guide link. Other links receiving a high amount of clicks were Chatham Gables Inn rooms, local restaurants, and room rates. All of these were consistent with the subject line, which makes a huge difference.

Promote Specials & Packages – Orchard Inn

email marketing examplesKey Numbers: 47.2% open rate; 13.5% click through rate
Subject Line: Summer Getaway Packages at the Orchard Inn

Our third of four email marketing examples shows how promoting specials and packages can be hugely successful. Orchard Inn has a summer package that potential guests need to know about. Everyone loves a deal, right? The trick here is to not show up directly in a spam folder by avoiding spam trigger words. Once you get passed the open, you still want people to head to the packages page of the website, which is why we placed that CTA as the first thing you’ll see on the email. Over 77% of all clicks led directly to that page.

Capitalize on the List Craze – Lake Pointe Inn

email marketing examplesKey Numbers: 40.2% open rate; 8.3% click through rate
Subject Line: 10 Remarkably Fun Deep Creek Lake Activities

The list craze is rampant and rounds out this edition of successful email marketing examples. We’ll leave this as a rhetorical question, but how many of you click on at least one list a day that shows up in your Facebook feed? I think we’re all guilty, because, I mean, who doesn’t want to know the 16 most amazing ways to concoct a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? This campaign for Lake Pointe Inn is a great example of appealing to people’s love for lists, as more than 61% of clicks went to the blog that contained the list.

Maybe these email marketing examples will be of great help to you, but if you still want more advice, feel free to reach out to the team at Q4Launch in order to ask any questions that you may have. All you have to do is click the button below and fill out a quick form.

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