Our Approach to Vacation Rental Marketing

Collectively, our team of marketing professionals frequently stays in vacation rentals, we have our own personal vacation rentals, and we work professionally with vacation rentals around the globe. All that combined has certainly helped us become vacation rental marketing experts over the last several years.

So how do we do vacation rental internet marketing at a high level? We’re glad that you asked!

vacation rental marketing

Vacation Rental SEO

We’re going to make sure that you’re showing up on the first page of Google searches for all the most important keywords for your business. Once we have the core keywords taken care of, we’ll continue to build and build on the number keywords you rank for to bring in additional organic traffic. Our long-tail blogging strategy also helps your organic quite a bit.

Email Marketing

Most business owners don’t like receiving email, which usually means that they don’t want to send emails either. We take the opposite approach. Vacation rental email marketing is one of the best ways to get eyeballs in front of your property … and now! While parts of the vacation rental marketing strategy takes some time to really take hold (like SEO and blogging), email marketing can start having a significant impact right away. While MailChimp quotes the travel industry average open rate at 20.8% and click through rate at 2.43%, our customers routinely see results 50-100% higher than that in each category.

Turn Anonymous Website Visitors into Real People

Driving traffic to your website is one thing, but making sure your website is converting is a totally different beast. One of the core components of our vacation rental marketing strategy is lead generation. We believe firmly in converting an anonymous website visitor into a real name and email address by creating several lead conversion opportunities on your website. Why do we do this? Because our data shows us that 20% of people who become a lead will then book with you within 12 months! That means you can put an actual dollar value on every lead we collect for you! Here is an example of what we did for Shoreline OBX.

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