orchard inn

Why the Orchard Inn in Saluda, NC, is One of the Best Autumn Getaways

Vibrant autumn leaves, mountain views, and cool, crisp air greeted my husband and I as we made the scenic journey from Charleston to Saluda, North Carolina, to stay in the Orchard Inn. As we drove farther and farther north, whizzing past the cheerful “Welcome to North Carolina!” sign, the traffic steadily thinned while the roads … Continued

Reflections on Pilgrim’s Inn: Meet Me on Deer Isle, Maine

There is a certain secluded magic that hovers over Deer Isle in October, at the end of tourist season when the leaves are on the brink of turning magnificent colors. The American flag at the front of Pilgrim’s Inn on Main Street waves in the chill, brisk autumn air, while thick, knitted sweaters hug the … Continued

Castle Marne Bed and Breakfast

4 Bed and Breakfast Myths That Shouldn’t Fool You

There are many myths out there about what the bed and breakfast experience is really like that keep many people from enjoying the charm and comfort for these homey settings. While privacy can sometimes be wanting, and the WiFi is non-existent, these cliches are by no means the norm in the bed and breakfast industry. … Continued

What are the 5 Stages of the Travel Cycle?

Like most things in life, where a person, couple, or family ends up on vacation isn’t just by chance. There is a process that people work through, whether they know it or not, when deciding on where to take their next weekend getaway or extended trip. In fact, there are 5 stages of the travel cycle that … Continued

How to Make the Best of a Short Season

Do you sometimes feel as if your marketing struggles are unique to your property or location? Thanks to the presence of the Internet, marketing for small businesses has become remarkably easier. And the ease of marketing online is boosting participation in only a few short decades–for example, 49% of inns and boutique hotels actively engage … Continued

How to Get Prepared for Peak Season

As an entrepreneur and manager of a business in the hospitality industry, there’s no question you don’t shy away from work. But as with any industry, there are slower periods. For some it’s the winter months, while for others, it’s the hottest parts of the year, or the periods without snow and the skiers and … Continued

‘Heartbleed’ and what you need to know…

The internet’s a great way to get news out fast, but we prefer when the stories going viral are on Miley Cyrus or the latest great Apple gadget. You’ve probably all heard about the security flaw ‘Heartbleed’ by now but if you haven’t here is more information: http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/08/tech/web/heartbleed-openssl/ We wanted to let our customers know … Continued

Social Media for Small Business

If you are interested in social media for small business and want to better understand the changes that have taken place through Facebook’s promoted posts, then you may enjoy this article from the Wall Street Journal, that explores the worth of a Facebook follower:  However, before you check it out, consider some of these statistics … Continued