a succesful hotel sales manager holding a contract and pointing to where the client should sign.

How to Be a Successful Hotel Sales Manager

As a general manager, you know that an effective sales manager is vital in increasing the profitability of your hotel. An effective sales manager accomplishes several things, including maximizing revenue during peak season and generating revenue in low demand periods. If you’ve ever wondered what the secrets of a successful sales manager are, you aren’t … Continued

Seaside Vacations

Some of the Best Ways Seaside Vacations Created Leads with Q4Launch

Is there any place more synonymous with summer vacations than The Grand Strand? This popular destination located on the South Carolina coast has welcomed millions of families looking for beautiful beaches, fun attractions, and great nightlife. With so many hospitality agencies in town, how can you make sure your company stands out from the rest? … Continued

mobile phone showing an email marketing campaign from a hotel, vacation rental company, or bed and breakfast

How to Use Email Marketing for Hotels, Vacation Rentals, and B&Bs

You know what I’m tired of hearing? Hospitality professionals cringing at the thought of email marketing.   It doesn’t matter if it’s email marketing for hotels, vacation rentals, or bed and breakfasts.   There are a lot of negative perceptions of email marketing and its effectiveness.   The first issue people bring up is how … Continued

We can help you create one-page marketing strategy for your hotel or bed and breakfast today!

How to Create a Killer One-Page Marketing Strategy for Hotels and B&Bs

Are you exhausted from searching for a one-size-fits-all bed and breakfast or boutique hotel marketing plan? Are you finding that most of the marketing plans out there aren’t exactly what your B&B or boutique hotel needs? If so, let us help you create a one-page marketing strategy for your hotel or bed and breakfast today. … Continued

Some Creative Marketing Ideas for Property Owners

Are you ready for Spring? Do you need a little help brainstorming another way to draw customers to your site and your property? We’ve got a few creative marketing ideas for property owners to start right away.  Why You Should Have Specials & Packages Creating specials and packages for guests serves a wide range of … Continued

3 Lead Generation Strategies That Will Bring You More Guests

One of the main services we provide to our customers is coming up with lead generation strategies that will serve them best, particularly through their website. Often times, this is something that is foreign to our customers before we provide help. Many bank on the fact that they will continue to have repeat customers come … Continued

8 Terrific Tips on How to Host a Webinar

Do you have a few great ideas that you want to share with the masses? Are you looking for a great way to reach out to the folks in your contact database aside from sending an email or posting to social media? It’s always great to mix up the way you deliver content to your … Continued

Why Your B&B Needs a Responsive Website

We’ve all been there before. We’re in the car. An idea pops in our head. We pull out our cell phone for a quick Google search. We get to the website we desire. But now, we discover that the website isn’t mobile friendly. Our next step is typically to get mildly frustrated and then continue … Continued

Details About TripConnect

TripConnect has been available for a few months now, but there have been recent questions about it; therefore, we decided to take a closer look at this service and answer some of the common questions from our Innkeepers. What exactly is TripConnect? If you are familiar with Google’s Adwords or PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, TripAdvisor’s TripConnect … Continued