Why You Need to Experience North Georgia’s Best-kept Secret

November 14, 2018

Congested city traffic. Big-box stores at every turn. Rushing from one enclosed space to the next. Do these descriptions sound familiar? If so, it’s about time you traded your hectic daily schedule for a rejuvenating experience off the beaten path! That experience can be found at Glen-Ella Springs Inn, a family-owned bed and breakfast an hour and a half northeast of Atlanta in Clarkesville, Georgia.


Shot of Glen-Ella Springs Inn from the back sideAs a millennial, I have accepted the reality of never having quite enough money to do what I love best: Traveling. Fortunately, I work for a hospitality marketing company that gives me the resources I need to do just that! One of my benefits as a Content Creator at Q4Launch is Q4Travels: An annual visit to one of my clients. This perk is just one of the reasons Q4Launch offers some of the best hospitality marketing jobs in Charleston, SC. This year, I chose Glen-Ella Springs Inn as my destination!


Many miles away from major cities, interstate highways, and bustling thoroughfares, the inn sits on a 12-acre meadow in the heart of the gorgeous Blue Ridge Foothills. Getting to the inn was an experience itself—after skirting downtown Clarkesville, Georgia, on tranquil country backroads and meandering up a gravel lane, I finally arrived at a farmhouse-style building. Its Red-Delicious-apple hue and wrap-around porches adorned with rocking chairs immediately caught my eye. At once beautiful, historic, and rich with many decades of stories, this building would become my home for the next two nights.

My room was cozier and more charming than I imagined it would be. Paneled in real, rustic-chic oak from ceiling to floor, my Queen Room was homey, elegant, and exceedingly comfortable. Every little detail (especially the Keurig complete with essential coffee accoutrements) was perfect. There were even some unexpected perks in the room. I loved the complimentary Belgian chocolates and tiny, historical poetry books tucked away on the shelf!

PEACEFUL GARDENS AND OTHER HIDDEN GEMSAerial view of Glen-Ella Springs Inn gardens at dusk

The inn itself certainly wasn’t the only captivating aspect of my trip. Over the course of my 2-night, 2.5-day stay at the inn, I fell in love with the beautifully maintained gardens straight out of a storybook and other hidden gems scattered throughout the property. At Glen-Ella Springs Inn, guests can wander the peaceful grounds and discover a fire pit, an old-fashioned swing hanging from the branches of an ancient oak, and a trickling mountain stream. If exploring ignites your appetite, there’s a “Garden House” stocked with freshly baked goodies and beverages (open 24 hours a day)!

MOUTHWATERING MEALSBreakfast at Glen-Ella Springs Inn

One of my favorite parts of the experience was the inn’s complimentary breakfast. My morning meals consisted of ready-made favorites like yogurt, granola, fresh fruit, and cereal as well as freshly prepared, hot dishes like Belgian waffles with crispy bacon and egg roll-ups featuring a medley of garden vegetables. I’ll never forget enjoying my breakfast on the terrace as morning fog lifted over the mountain meadow. I had a front-row seat to butterflies and ruby-throated hummingbirds visiting blooming flowers!

Though breakfast was truly special, no guest should leave Glen-Ella Springs Inn without sitting down for an elegant Southern meal and glass of wine at the award-winning on-site restaurant. We savored every bite!


After writing about Glen-Ella Springs Inn for over a year, I knew this was a place that upheld traditional Southern values. Of course, this includes making every guest feel like part of the family. Experiencing this hospitality first-hand was a real treat! Ed and Luci, the owners, were so friendly and made sure I had everything I needed to make the most of my stay. They were warm, welcoming, and unexpectedly funny! On the whole, it was clear that Glen-Ella was a labor of love for this power couple.


Woman standing admiring Tallulah Gorge waterfallsThe first place I visited (aside from the inn itself) also happened to be the highlight of my trip. My boyfriend and I made our first stop Tallulah Gorge State Park, one of the best spots for hiking in North Georgia. We descended the park’s infamous (and seemingly infinite) stairs down to the gorge. We traversed its suspension bridge (1000 feet above the rushing whitewater below). Finally, sweaty and tired, we took in the stunning view. At the end of our hike, I turned around to see my boyfriend on one knee! Needless to say, I’ll remember Tallulah Gorge State Park for more than its incredible views. And, of course, Ed and Luci were thrilled to have a newly engaged couple at the inn (it truly is one of the most romantic getaways in North Georgia).

Other fun North Georgia activities we enjoyed included wine tastings (at Yonah Mountain Vineyard and Serenity Cellars, both fantastic spots), shopping in downtown Clarkesville, exploring the winding roads surrounding beautiful Lake Rabun, and dining at some other local spots like Clarks on Main (in nearby Clayton, Georgia). North Georgia is the place to be if you’re looking for an unforgettable fall getaway filled with stunning sights, sleepy shops with small-town charm, and fine wine from the best local vineyards.


My Q4Travels trip to Glen-Ella Springs Inn, though short, was a huge success. I came back feeling rested and rejuvenated—something I don’t normally experience after vacations. Isn’t it about time you make time to recharge your soul, too? Leave exhausting getaways behind and book your escape to Glen-Ella Springs Inn now!

Amanda Phagan | Content Creator

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