Why is SEO Important for My Lodging Business?

December 16, 2014
why is seo important?
Credit: Ellargin/iStock/Thinkstock

There’s a lot of buzz around this mysterious term SEO. If you aren’t privy to the inbound marketing business you needn’t worry yourself with digital jargon, unless of course you are a small business owner looking to use online streams to grow. If that’s the case we suggest you lean in for this one, because we’ll be giving you all the answers to a question bouncing around cocktail hours – why is SEO important?

Lodging and hospitality businesses – for whom we specialize in customizing inbound marketing strategies – can find just as much success in SEO as businesses in other markets. While smaller lodging business rely heavily on personal relationships to build their business, digital marketing methods can become central in creating and nurturing those relationships, many of which happen across state lines, and even national borders. In short, it’s a great addition to that hospitable charm we all fall in love with. Let us help you understand how.

What is SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Yes, this is an intimidatingly long phrase that seems like it never should have left the academy. Really it’s just a fancy way of saying “Google-friendly.” Long story short, there are certain algorithms – even if we understood every aspect of them it would be far too complex to get into here – that determine Google search results. These algorithms favor certain keywords, which are determined by how often the terms are searched. So a website that has good SEO is one that frequently uses popular keywords throughout its content. Once you have figured out which keywords to use you can develop a strategy around them to promote your business to your target customers.

Why is SEO important?
Let’s say you’re an innkeeper in Middletown, OH (yes, it exists) and someone is searching for a place to stay at while visiting relatives or stopping through on a long drive. With a properly optimized website you’re just as likely to be found as the Red Roof Inn down the street. With the proper keywords in place Google will see your accommodations as a relevant search result. The overwhelming majority of people find their services online, and SEO can get you to the top of that list.

Prove It!
Keywords are central to SEO, driving the whole machine of inbound marketing. Once you have those in place a whole strategy can be developed to target specific audiences with continual content creation (blogging) focusing on keyword density and diversity. They give your website both authority and relevance as you sit atop the Google search results throne with content that people are actively seeking out. When done expertly your SEO strategy will increase the number of visitors to your website – we generally see upwards of 100 percent increases – which means more opportunities for new customers! With complex SEO analytics we are able to track your inbound marketing successes so we can continue to help you grow as a business.

Time and again we have seen our lodging and hospitality businesses increase website traffic as a result of new, SEO-focused websites. The traffic has turned into leads, which has turned into customers. The ROI on SEO is immediate because Google never sleeps, and neither will you when you have to keep up with your growing business.


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