How a New Website Helped Spinnaker’s Reach Find Success

September 18, 2019

Picture this: you’ve just signed the lease on a brand new car. It comes with plush seats, a state-of-the-art sound system, and a fresh shiny coat of paint. However, you’re still attached to your old vehicle. It’s worked well up to this point, after all. So you decide to put your old engine in your new car. Sure, it works, but are you really enjoying the full benefits of its features? After all is said and done, driving a new car with an old engine often means you’re not moving forward. The same can be said for a marketing package. We occasionally have customers who prefer to use their old websites. However, rarely do these customers see growth they could be with a full Q4Launch package. Discover how making the switch to a Q4Launch website helped Spinnaker’s Reach increase their bookings and occupancy rates over the past year!

Who is Spinnaker’s Reach?

Spinnaker’s Reach offers an incredible selection of luxurious rental homes in Emerald Isle. This quiet North Carolina town is one of the best-kept secrets of the Crystal Coast. All of the homes in their catalog are located in one central neighborhood, just seconds from a private stretch of shore along Coast Guard Road. That means that guests can enjoy resort-like amenities, like a community pool or golf carts. This unique spin on the standard “vacation rental” formula, plus their incredible houses, makes Spinnaker’s Reach stand out from the crowd.

What Happened When Spinnaker’s Reach Made the Switch

First, a little background: Spinnaker’s Reach has been a marketing customer with us since 2016 and made the switch to our Future-Proof™ website. Now, they’re sporting a sleek new design that’s simple to navigate. Best of all, it’s effective. With our ability to fully edit and optimize their landing pages, which we were not able to do with their previous site, we’ve increased their organic search traffic by 22% year-over-year. Thanks to an easy-to-use interface, their transactions from organic search went up 21%. That signifies to us that we’re not just driving meaningless traffic — the new visitors are staying and booking! All in all, despite recovering from Hurricane Florence at the end of 2018, Spinnaker’s Reach sported an almost 100% occupancy rate during the summer of 2019. 

Achieve Success With Q4Launch

Let Q4Launch help you the way we helped Spinnaker’s Reach and our many other amazing customers. Sign up for a free marketing consultation and learn how we can help you drive more valuable traffic and increase bookings. Learn more about our vacation rental websites and marketing services, and request a website demo today!