Sea Rock Inn Stops Discounts – Want to Know Why?

May 8, 2015
A beautiful view of Sea Rock Inn | Courtesy Jumping Rocks | Click to enlarge
A beautiful view of Sea Rock Inn | Courtesy Jumping Rocks | Click to enlarge

Have you ever received an email that started with, “We have a problem here…?” Well, one of our customer experience managers got an email that started just like that about a month ago. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before she realized that the customer wasn’t angry. In fact, “anger” couldn’t have been further from the emotion that this particular customer was feeling. Read the quote from the email in its entirety below:

“We have a problem here … you guys are too good! We are so busy from here on out we are no longer offering a winter special or off season rates. Please remove the “Off Season November through May Special” from the website.” – Susie Plocher, Sea Rock Inn

WHEW! What started with a question mark and a little fear ended up being an unbelievably rewarding email for the staff at Q4Launch. When we followed up with Susie to see if she minded if we used her quote, she followed up with, “Yes, absolutely! It is so true. We are still busy and it’s not slowing down!”

Susie’s excitement obviously stems from the bottom line: an increase in bookings and revenue. The significant spike she has seen at Sea Rock Inn has allowed her to cease dependency on discounting, as well as effectively utilize yield management with the excess demand (i.e. raising the weekend rates as she mentioned above). But how did we get there?

Google Analytics Traffic Results

Q4Launch and Sea Rock Inn entered into a marketing partnership in the early fall of 2014. The data we will be sharing is from October 1, 2014 – April 30, 2015. In total, all traffic sources for Sea Rock Inn since we partnered with them have driven an additional 13,245 visits in 7 months. That’s a 53% increase year-over-year.

Here is a graph of Sea Rock's Inn organic traffic from Oct 2014 - April 2015. Click to enlarge.
Here is a graph of Sea Rock’s Inn organic traffic from Oct 2014 – April 2015.

Part of total traffic breakdown includes organic search, which is up 58% YOY and has brought an additional 5,603 visitors to the website. Another piece of the puzzle is email marketing. Prior to working with Q4Launch, Sea Rock Inn had no trackable email campaigns. In 7 months, though, we’ve helped drive 3,530 visitors to the site as a result of consistent, twice-a-month, email marketing campaigns.

Google search for "weekend getaways from sacramento" | Click to enlarge
Google search for “weekend getaways from sacramento” | Click to enlarge

Another part of the strategy that is working extremely well is our highly-researched, well-written blogging strategy. Sea Rock Inn was not blogging prior to the partnership, but the blog has been able to bring in 2,262 visitors straight to the website. We love it when blogs get ranked (go ahead and search ‘weekend getaways from sacramento’ and see who shows up on the first page … or just take a look to the right)!

It Goes Beyond the Amazing Results

Results are great, but how many of you have been out to a restaurant and had delicious food with horrible service? It happens, right? Our point is, yes, we have driven excellent results, but Susie wouldn’t be willing to share such exciting news (and with such enthusiasm!) if we weren’t providing her a great customer experience, as well (the meal doesn’t taste as great if the server is a jerk). We’ll let Susie tell the rest of the story with a brief Q&A below.

What has your experience been working with the team members at Q4Launch?
“Our experience with Q4Launch has been exceptional! We have never had such a quick response time on requests for changes to the website, Facebook, and information in general. I have to let you know this was a concern because of our East Coast/West Coast time difference and not having actual face time.”

What are some of the reasons why you would recommend that other property owners and managers should work with Q4Launch?
“1) Results! 2) Accessibility 3) Professionalism … and knowledge of the industry!”

If you want to experience the same combination of results and customer experience, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Q4Launch today!