Organic Traffic vs. Paid Traffic: What’s the Scoop?

April 22, 2016

Organic Traffic vs. Paid TrafficThe largest factor in getting people to your website is whether search engines deem it is worthy of traffic. While this may seem a meaningless and hopeless metric, there are ways to intrigue search engine bots and gain favor in results. It all boils down to two schools of thinking; organic traffic and paid traffic. Both are effective models that work in different ways to increase the size of your website’s audience, thereby creating more leads. It might sound complicated, but a basic understanding of Google tools like AdWords can get you strides above the competition. Let’s break it down.

What is Pay-Per-Click Traffic?

Pay-per-click ads are the sponsored links you see popping up in your Google searches that are overtly trying to sell you products and services. You’ll usually see the “Ad” label in yellow before the title of the page, indicating that this is a paid advertisement intended to sell you something. By paying Google to favor your website in searches for specific keywords, you are guaranteed more click-throughs and higher conversion rates of the people coming to your site. This is great news! So what’s the drawback? As soon as you stop paying, your search results will plummet. In other words, it’s a temporary gain, not a long-term solution.

Also, Google removed the right-side ads it once displayed. This means there is less real estate where you might show up!

What About Organic Traffic?

Building an organic traffic system is a slow and steady, long-term solution known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It requires that your website is embedded with search-friendly keywords and that new pages with fresh keywords are being created regularly. Blogging is the easiest and most effective way to fulfill your SEO goals, giving you new keyword-centered pages on your website every week or at least a couple times a month. This will widen the searchability of your site, and increase the number of online leads you’re getting from Google searches. The benefit of SEO, as opposed to paid traffic, is that you’re creating a lasting solution. While it usually takes a few months for Google to process your new keywords in search results, once they start ranking well they’ll stay that way.  

Don’t Have Time to Blog?

Don’t worry, most small business owners don’t, which is why companies like Q4Launch exist. We have all the expertise in both paid and organic traffic methodologies that will help you get ranked in Google searches, and we will even write your blogs for you! With consistent new content on your website every week, you can be sure to get your Google search ranks up, and start seeing a return on your investment in no time.

If you’ve not yet had SEO work done on your website, it’s a good idea to look into as it is now the way of the world. People are consistently laying aside conventional marketing strategies for the web, and you’ll be hard pressed to stay relevant in your industry without some help getting organic traffic. Q4Launch offers comprehensive digital marketing services from website design to blogging and specializes in the bed and breakfast, boutique hotel, and vacation rental industries. We would love to hear from you!