What to Know about the New Facebook Update to Pages

June 6, 2014

If you operate the Facebook Page for your bed and breakfast, boutique hotel, or vacation rental management company, you will have noticed that the page now has a new design. Yes, all of your photos and posts are still there, but the new Facebook update has changed the way people see your page. Here are a few of the ways the new Facebook update will affect you.

Overall Design

The change isn’t that drastic, as the top of your page looks fairly similar to before with the big cover photo and a small, square profile picture in the bottom left corner. As your gaze goes down the page and you begin scrolling, though, you will notice the changes. Now, all of your posts will be streamlined down the right side of the page as opposed to being staggered on either side. The left side, which is also smaller in width than the right side, is now the place to go to see Likes, information about your business, apps, photos, and much more.

Utilize More Control over Layout

One functional part of the change is that admins will now have more control over the layout of the page. While you can’t swap your posts from the right side to the left side, you can adjust a few other areas. Facebook states that you can adjust the top navigation menu and the left column menu. So if having reviews near the top is more important to you than photo galleries, then simply make the switch.

Viewing Messages for Admins

Those searching for where to find messages will now have two locations to look, with both bordering the cover photo. At the top left of the cover photo, you will see five tabs that include a place to click Page, Activities, Insights, Settings, and Update Page. On the right side of the cover photo is a box titled “This Week.” This will show admins how many ads are running, what your Like and Post Reach totals are for the week, and how many unread notifications and messages you have.

new facebook update


How Should I Respond to This Update?

As has always been the case, Facebook is still a great tool to generate leads for your business, regardless of how the design has changed. For those interested in learning how to do that, we at Q4Launch have developed a guide on how to generate more leads from social media. You can download it for free by clicking the previous link.

If you have marketing questions outside the realm of Facebook and social media, you can also schedule a free, 30-minute consultation to discuss any of your current marketing strategies. Owner and found of Q4Launch Matt Bare will be glad to chat with you to see what parts of your marketing strategy are working and what parts are ready to be revamped.