Mobile and Meta: Hotel Trends in 2015

January 22, 2015
hotel trends in 2015
Photo Credit: solarseven/iStock/Thinkstock

With the arrivals of December and January come usual articles about trends to watch out for in the coming year, particularly hotel trends in 2015. We at Q4Launch have been passing around articles from various sources from Skift to Entrepreneur magazines, and wanted to share some of the trends to watch in 2015 as it pertains to our destination travel customers. While every one of the hotel trends in 2015 we’ve read will not necessarily affect smaller businesses in the hospitality industry, some provide good hints of where to focus in the coming year, particularly with regards to mobile phones and metasearch engines.

One of the first hotel trends in 2015 we’ve noticed is how mobile and accessible the reservation of rooms at hotels and other lodging establishments is becoming. Already, more than half of all room reservations are being made online, according to Entrepreneur magazine, and that trend is expected to continue to rise. In addition, our customers continue to see a marked increase in the number of mobile visits to their websites as opposed to visits from a computer or tablet. Responsive website design in a website has already become a necessity, as accessing the web from ones smartphone is now a given for the majority of people.

In addition, metasearch engines are proving to be another hotel trend in 2015 the experts expect to increase in presence. Metasearch engines aggregate results from multiple sites, an example most people recognize being New companies are entering the market and offering amalgamations of all potential options in a given area. Trivago offers hotel options from 207 different websites, for example, while new addition attempts to offer not only hotels, but apartment shares, house rentals, even rooms in bed and breakfasts in a given destination. In fact, checking AllTheRooms for your destination will likely include your business in the results. Other companies joining the fray include: Hipmunk, TripAdvisor, Skyscanner, and

In reality, one of the major hotel trends in 2015 we recognized is how mobile technology is changing every aspect of the hospitality industry. More and more of the guest experience is being affected by mobile technology. Several hotels, both large and small, are experimenting with mobile phone apps that permit self-service check-ins and even keyless entry into rooms.

So what do these hotel trends in 2015 mean for you and your business? Members of the travel industry are already discovering the need for responsive design in their websites. Ranking well on such sites as Google (which are used in rankings for these other travel-related metasearch engines) remains very important for destination vacation businesses.

Whatever your take-away from these findings of hotel trends in 2015, there is no question that businesses in the lodging industry need to continue to direct their marketing focus on digital media.

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