Keeping Up With Google

March 13, 2015

keeping up with googleDon’t be at the whim Google when it comes to your important internet presence. Instead of being burdened trying to keep up with the technical changes that affect your marketing game, why not hire a digital marketing company that knows what the giant web companies are doing? Google has created the vast majority of tools that make digital marketing possible, and we learn to count on their constant evolution to keep our web jobs exciting, and our followers abreast of the changes.

This month there are two BIG changes coming from Google to share. Both of them demand agile strategies, which is why you want to have a foolproof integrated marketing strategy that is diversified across many platforms, and ready to change at the drop of a hat. Though these changes may not mean much to most people, technically speaking, they mean a lot to your company’s web presence, so why not let experts in the techy stuff handle it for you?

These are the two things to look out for as you consider how to adapt your marketing strategy this month.

  1. Pulling the Google Plus Plug 

Google Plus has been questionable since the day it launched. We were always inclined to believe that it was part of some big experiment or bound to morph into something else, which is exactly what’s happening now. The platform will be divided into two separate platforms, Photos, and Streams. Essentially, your content and your pictures, which you can now post simultaneously on Google Plus, will soon have two different venues. What about the content and +1s you’ve been accumulating over time on Google Plus? Good question, and get ready to bid it adieu when the platform flips.

Lesson Learned: Diversify your social networks so you don’t get burned by Google evolutions.

  1. Google Algorithm Remix

Optimizing content has long been driven by a combination of strong keywords and links to other pages. Well, get ready to switch gears as Google prepares to launch its new code designed to grade pages based on their facticity. While keywords and links are still important, the trustworthiness of your content will become equally crucial to getting good Google Search rankings. The pressure is on for content creators to produce compelling and accurate content that Google will favor based on its ever-rising standards. It might be time to rethink whether digital publishing is actually diminishing the quality of the written word in light of these new algorithms. Google is a tough critic, and they know what the people want.

Lesson Learned: Know what Google is up to and how it affects your SEO strategies.

We hope these tips for keeping up with google are useful in refreshing your digital marketing strategy. As both social media and SEO experts, we are happy to provide you with the latest industry news, as well as a free demo if you are looking for the best in digital marketing services. Offering everything from website and logo design to pay-per-click ads, we know how to convert leads into customers using the tools available in this digital marketing age.