How To Write a Blog For Your Bed and Breakfast

February 20, 2014

WriteABlog3An important part of your online marketing plan is your bed and breakfast blog. If you don’t already write a blog, you might need to seriously consider starting one. However, if you’re not an experienced writer the task can seem daunting. But it doesn’t need to be. If you want to write a blog for your bed and breakfast but are unsure how, use this guide to get started.

Make Sure the Blog Posts are Part of Your Website

If your blog isn’t part of your website, then you it won’t benefit your traffic in the way you want.  While third party blog sites like Typepad or Blogspot are good for personal blogging, when you write a blog for your bed and breakfast, it should be on your own site. Also avoid external blogs with addresses like “”. You have more control of the blog and readers will be more likely to navigate to other parts of your site when the blog functions as part of your website.

Have A Plan

Before you write a blog for your bed and breakfast, you need to have an idea of what you want the end product to be.  Think about structure, form and length. How long should your posts be? What type of content do you want to post?

When you write a blog, it’s best to post regularly so implementing a Blog Calendar outlining which topics you want to publish is helpful. Posting five, 500-word blogs a month is ideal.

Also consider tone and voice. Make sure you write in a voice that fits your personality as well as that of your bed and breakfast.  Your bed and breakfast has a unique character that sets it apart from the rest, so take that into account when you write a blog.

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Use Keywords

Keywords are essential when you write a blog for your bed and breakfast.  Using the right key words will help with search rank and ultimately site traffic.  To choose the right keywords, you must conduct a bit of keyword research.  You’ll want to select keywords that are relevant to your topic, your bed and breakfast and to your potential readers.

Consider using long-tail keywords, which are more specific and longer than broad “head” keywords.  When you write a blog for your bed and breakfast that utilizes long-tail keywords, you have less competition for organic search rank.

Make sure your keywords are in the title of your blog post and used throughout the content.  Another trick is to ensure you’re getting the most out of your keywords is to be sure the URL of the blog includes them.  This is easiest when you host your b&b blog on your bed and breakfast’s own website, mentioned above.

Bring the Blog Back Around to Your Bed and Breakfast

If you’re detailing an event or attraction nearby, what makes staying at your inn better than any area hotel? This is another instance where the voice of you and your bed and breakfast are important.

It’s a good idea to end each blog post with a prompt for readers to book their stay. Provide a link to your website’s room’s page. Outline the amenities guests will enjoy when stay with you. After all, the ultimate goal when you write a blog is to increase occupancy.  So, make it easy for readers to make the connection between reading your blog to booking a room.

Reread and Rewrite

Just because a blog is in a digital format doesn’t mean that conventional writing wisdom should be discarded.  Before you post something, make sure you reread it. Does it make sense? If the content you’re producing isn’t digestible to your audience, then it isn’t serving your purposes.

Your Blog Should be a Great Travel Blog

Not only are you trying to get people to your website, but you want to serve as the expert over the entire area. A great way to do this is to write it as if it were a travel blog, touching on all the things to do in your geographic region.

Taking all of this into consideration, don’t feel overwhelmed. Being consistent with your bed and breakfast blog can be a great way to engage potential guests while increasing website traffic. For more guidance on how to write a blog and other Internet marketing practices, visit our Inbound Marketing Library.

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