How to Take Advantage of the Winter Season

November 26, 2014
Take Advantage of Winter
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Unless you run a lodging establishment in an area known for winter sports, many business owners in the hospitality industry look at the slower winter season with slight trepidation. With fewer bookings, some lodging owners use these months to enjoy some peace and quiet or to devote more attention to the guests they do host. But for those who would prefer to keep working at full speed through the winter months, there are plenty of tasks to work on that can boost your revenue through slower seasons. We’ve put together a few ways that you can take advantage of the winter months so your business can continue to flourish.

Promote Gift Certificate Sales

One way to boost revenue through your past guests is to encourage gift certificate sales. Offering a promotion on your website and then using your email marketing campaigns to increase sales will not only help increase your revenue around the holiday season, but also hopefully increase your exposure, as gift-givers invite other potential fans to stay with you.

Create Great Packages & Specials

Another great way to lift business in the slower months is to create excellent packages and specials for guests who come stay with you in the winter. Sending an email to your customer list about free offers with reservations (like a free bottle of champagne at check-in, for example) or other specials is a great way to stay top of mind with your guests when they’re trying to think of ways to escape either the stress of the holidays or the winter doldrums. Creating a customer loyalty program in which guests who stay with you in the high season earn credit to be spent in the low season is another possible way to boost revenue in the winter.

Increase Your Exposure

The most important thing to do in the slower months is to increase your exposure! With potentially fewer guests to worry about, it’s an ideal time to brainstorm and follow-through on possible ways to get your business on potential customers’ minds. When you do, be sure to promote your real-time promotional efforts as much as possible in the digital world: create blog posts or email blasts about an open house or event at your business, a package created with a non-competing local business, or share events or activities in your area that guests can do to encourage them to extend their stays with you beyond the holidays and into the shoulder periods. Facebook is also a great place to remain active.

Focus on a Niche Market

If you’ve decided to focus on a niche market, now is the time to promote it! For example, you could use your blog to publicize your business as a wintery destination for travelers who want a winter lodge without the skiing or a chance to escape the crowds of visitors during your high season.

Winter seems like a time to tighten the belt for lodging owners, but if approached effectively, the slow season can be as important a time for your business as the high season! For help brainstorming more ideas of how to best use your holiday season, click the button below to request a free 30 minute marketing consultation today!

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