Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2015

ThinkstockPhotos-470495860Now that the 4th of July is here (finally!) we wanted to take a minute to pause and say, HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! It seems in the events of the past few weeks we have all the more reason to celebrate our great nation today, and if you guys are like us here at Q4Launch, the break is much appreciated. Thanks, boss!

As you start to notice certain marketing pushes out there that tend to pop up around the holidays, you will undoubtedly realize that some of them are more tactful than others – and some are downright brilliant! It’s easy to fall into social media mistakes when trying to turn a holiday into a promotion, and it is our goal to help our customers avoid such mishaps.

“Holidays are a great conversation starter” Glen Murray, CEO of 220 Communications said, “It’s about the occasion and not about our product – be a strong supporting actor and let the holiday be the star of the show,” he continued. It’s easy to fall into the promotion trap, and we want to encourage you to stay strong and give you some tips and success stories that will help you steer clear!

  1. Stay on Topic – Don’t try to do too much with a simple holiday post. If all you’re going to accomplish is brand awareness, that’s great!
  2. Start a Conversation – Take brand awareness one step further by sharing something that wants engagement, like an inspirational quote or a picture that stirs up nostalgia.
  3. Be Creative – Don’t let this great opportunity fall dry. Put something fresh before your community’s eyes and watch them respond in wonder.

Our Success

As a marketing company that caters to bed and breakfasts and boutique hotels, we often use holidays as opportunities to promote the destinations of the properties we work for. This often involves a blog post about the holiday events in the area, which then gets shared on social media networks. These blogs and social media posts are historically some of the most successful content we provide for our clients. The blue line represents the total traffic to that post as a landing page while the orange represent specifically when it was a landing page as the result of an organic search.

These are the Google Analytics for a 4th of July blog post written for one of our clients on Block Island, Rhode Island.



These are the Google Analytics for a New Year’s Eve blog post that we published for a client just outside Asheville, North Carolina.



In both of these cases, we used the holidays as an opportunity to work our SEO magic and get some rad content out there promoting these wonderful areas, thereby engaging potential or returning visitors. This is just one way to make the holiday magic work for you, so get started planning for the next one!