Expanding Your Blog Sharing

March 31, 2015
blog sharing
Photo Credit: DragonImages/iStock/Thinkstock

If you’ve followed our guide on how to start blogging, as well as how to write those posts, and you’ve been sticking with it, you’ve probably seen your web traffic increase, and have even converted some of that traffic into customers. Congratulations, your blog is already a success! We’re here to give you a few more tools that will help you make your blog even more effective by reaching wider audiences.

Since you’re already writing fantastic content with appealing images, getting traction from your social media shares, and even organic traffic to your site because of your use of keywords, it’s time to stretch your knowledge a little further into a more obscure world of blog sharing. Don’t worry, it’s only obscure because it’s not Facebook, but you’re sure to find millions of users scouring the web for remarkable content on many other platforms besides the expected ones.

There are two different kinds of sharing platforms to explore when you’re ready to start expanding your online community, and both offer unique opportunities to interact with a range of people and interest groups. While both types are content aggregators, one group targets a broad audience with appealing design and a wider range of content, while the other reaches the blogger crowd, full of both bloggers themselves as well as people who read blogs regularly. Here are some examples:

Sharing With a General Audience

  1. StumbleUpon – With beautiful design and a user-friendly interface, StumbleUpon attracts content of all sorts, from GIFs and pictures to national news stories and travel blogs. This is a great place to create a corporate account and share your blogs, but be sure to share other useful media and really engage the community.
  2. feedly – One of the most popular news aggregators, most businesses overlook the fact that they can promote feedly as a wonderful, engaging way to stay on top of their blog posts. Fans can simply copy and paste your blog URL into their search bar and subscribe that way.

Sharing With the Blogging World

  1. Best of the Web Blogs This is a powerful blog search engine that, as its name suggests, displays only the best blog content out there. It’s not only a great place for posting your blog, but also for finding new content ideas, as well as discovering industry leaders in its categorized content.
  2. Blogged.com One of the many replacements for Google News, this site is a mix between what was once the favorite blog aggregator and the list format you’ll find on most other blog directories. This is a great option for places to list your blog to get more eyes on it, and hence clicks to your site.

There are benefits to both of these styles of blog sharing, and we recommend that you try a little of both. In an effort to keep up with this new venture, don’t cast the net too wide so you can continue to focus on what’s most important, creating great content, and monitoring results. If you don’t know what’s working you haven’t achieved anything.

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