You Have Blog Questions & We Have Answers!

June 28, 2014

blog questionsWe recently hosted a webinar on 7 Strategies to Increase Traffic using your blog. As is the case with all webinars we do, there were several questions that were asked regarding the topic. Below is a list of a few blog questions that were asked by our attendees, as well as some blog questions that we get all the time. We hope these answers are helpful, and if you have any other questions about blogging, feel free to ask!

(Side note before you continue: If you want to watch the webinar in its entirety, please click here!)

Is it more important to write a blog with people in mind or with Google in mind?

Hands down, it is more important to write a blog with the reader in mind. The content you create – and this should be true in blogging, social media, email marketing, etc. – needs to be terrific. You want everyone who reads your blog to both enjoy it and feel compelled to share it with others. This certainly doesn’t mean that you ignore Google. You still need to focus on keywords and do proper SEO, but if the blog you wrote isn’t captivating to the audience, then it really doesn’t matter.

When you publish a blog, does it get sent out live, and if you make edits, does it get sent out again?

When you post a blog, it does go out live so anyone on your website can see it. You can save it as a draft so nobody can see it, but then you have to remember to go in and publish it. If you go back and make edits to an existing blog, it would stay live on your site, but it wouldn’t re-publish. It would keep the original publish date. If you are going to make edits to a blog, that’s a fine thing to do. If we see a blog that is ranking 8th, we might go in and make some changes to try and get it up to the top five. If you do that, make sure you don’t change the URL. If Google has already indexed, and the blog is ranking, don’t go in and just change URLs. You can cause some big problems for yourself.

Does Google Keyword Planner suggest keywords, or do you submit possible keywords for an evaluation?

With the Keyword Planner, you would submit potential keywords you are thinking about writing on, and it would give you suggestions based off of that. You might think a keyword should be one thing, but Google might tell you that if you tweak it a bit, there is actually more search volume.

Is there a rule of thumb for appropriate display size or file size for an image in your blog?

There isn’t necessarily a rule of thumb. It really matters how the image is appropriate to the story. If the image isn’t important or doesn’t convey an important message, you should keep the image smaller (we suggest around 300 px wide). If it’s a graphic or other relevant information, then make the image big enough that readers don’t have to strain to know what you are trying to convey. In terms of file size, keep it smaller. There is no reason to use a print-quality image on your site.

How many tags should we use in a blog?

There is really no reason to use more than 2-4 tags. People used to stuff tags on blog posts as an SEO strategy back in the day, but now it doesn’t work.

Is blogging awesome and a great way to drive traffic to your website?

Absolutely!!! If you don’t currently have a blog, do yourself a favor and set one up today! It is extremely important for everyone, including those in the bed and breakfast and boutique hotel industry.

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