Bed and Breakfast and the Local Experience

April 11, 2016

Local ExperienceBed and breakfasts are quickly becoming lifestyle destinations that cater to people, young and old, who travel to get a genuine local experience of the places they choose to visit. They already offer a feeling akin to being right at home with guests having the opportunity to meet the innkeepers who are real local people, living the local experience. They really are the perfect venue for lifestyle travelers the world round. If your goal in traveling is keeping visits to big flashy touristy sites to a minimum, then a bed and breakfast is the perfect place to start your day with caring locals ready to send you off on whatever kind of excursion you’re looking for.   

The Small Business Romance

Small businesses are one of the most exciting aspects of traveling, no matter where in the world you’re going. They give you an authentic glimpse into the daily life of your destination, surrounding you with local people and things, and the general hustle and bustle of the place. Not only do you get to experience a local small business when you stay at a bed and breakfast, but the innkeepers are bound to point you to all of their favorite shops and restaurants in the area. You get to support the local economy, while getting a taste of its culture while you’re at it, and all the insider information you could ask for.

Eat Local

All the rage in restaurants around the world, eating local is one of the greatest highlights of a bed and breakfast vacation. With many innkeepers catering to the foodie traveler, you can be sure to get a breakfast sourced from farms and gardens from the local area. Not only that, but innkeepers tend to be food connoisseurs themselves, and will be excited to tell you about all their favorite hole-in-the-wall places, as well as the best place to get a gourmet and locally sourced meal for a special occasion. When you stay at a bed and breakfast, you are assured only the best local fare.

The Local Lifestyle

Bed and breakfasts, made for people looking for a real lifestyle excursion, cater to a certain type of traveler. Folks who frequent bed and breakfasts enjoy active and adventurous lives and are typically looking for things off the beaten path that aren’t your run-of-the-mill tourist attractions. With innkeepers as your travel agents, you can be sure to capture a slice of your destination that you wouldn’t otherwise. The bed and breakfast experience will open your eyes to an entire way of life. It’s one that is familiar, yet has completely different landmarks and local figures to enjoy and explore. Whether this is a way of life you’re accustomed to or something you aspire to, be sure to stay at a bed and breakfast on your next vacation to get the whole experience.  

Vacation should be the absolute last chance you have to wander from your local-loving lifestyle. Staying at a bed and breakfast ensures that you won’t have to stray from your ideals, and is bound to inform you of even more ways to enjoy local tastes and talents when you get back home.