Are You in the GIFs Game?

June 17, 2015

As industry leaders in social media marketing it’s our job to stay one step ahead of the game, and GIFs are the game. If you aren’t quite sure what a GIF is, chances are you have actually seen it if you spend much time on the web. GIFs are animated loop images that usually fare on the side of humor or terror – though mostly the latter. Although long found on websites like Tumblr, Twitter and BuzzFeed, until very recently there was no way to post these snippets of life on Facebook.

At the end of May the social media king, Facebook, finally decided to allow its users to natively post GIFs with nothing more than a link, much like you would currently share an article. It is truly as easy as copy and paste. Though they have yet to make this function available to Pages, a Facebook rep stated that “we are exploring ways to enable this in the future.”

Check These Things Out

This means it’s time to familiarize yourselves with the digital art form of GIFs. Start by finding them on one of the above mentioned sites that you enjoy and share it on your personal Facebook page. You can also check out Giphy’s trusty GIF bank, which has just about every one ever created.

Make Your Own!

There are many sites out there for creating these short snippets of life as well, including Imgflip, makeagif, and GIFmaker. This process is incredibly simple as long as you have pictures or a video to use. Simply go to one of these sites, upload your files, adjust the simply-displayed production settings and generate your very own GIF. You will then get a link to share it with the world through your Facebook page.

This is an opportunity to get creative in promoting your business, so make it fun! Much like our suggestions on how to use the video function of Instagram, GIFs give you a chance to tell a rather dynamic story of life in your destination, be it a small country town, a bustling city center, or the coveted beach. Here are some ideas to try out in anticipation of being able to share them on your Facebook business page:

  1. A Day in the Life – Capture images throughout your day so potential guests get a sense for your place. What is sunrise like? What are some things going on throughout the day on the property, and what are guests getting up to in the evenings?
  2. A Popular Place in the Area – Is there anything famous in the area drawing guests to your accommodations? Document it with a GIF giving them a bite-sized and shareable preview of the particular place, be it a beautiful waterfall, a busy downtown street, or a famous restaurant.
  3. Beloved Events – Do something similar with popular events in the area to make guests want to visit all the more. Maybe they did visit and your GIF will end up being the only thing they have to commemorate the experience.

What You Need

All you need to get in the GIF game is a way to take pictures and upload them to a computer; Internet access to use a GIF making site; and a personal Facebook account to start sharing your creations with the world. This is an incredibly simple way that you will eventually be able to tell personal stories on your Facebook business page, drawing guests not only to your property, but to your impeccable service.