6 Brutally Honest Reasons You Need to Hire a Content Marketing Company

September 27, 2014

Have you thought about hiring a content marketing company? If not, now is the time. As a property owner or innkeeper, it’s basically impossible to fulfill all your duties in those roles and excel at content marketing. We know you’ve probably thought about a few of these things before, but here are 6 brutally honest reasons you need to hire a content marketing company if you want to increase your bookings.

1) You don’t have time to do content marketing on your own.
Search engine optimization. Blogging. Social media. Email marketing. Lead generation. Website design and maintenance.

Combine all those tasks, and you have a full time job. Not only does it take a lot of hours, but it also takes a wide array of expertise. You can’t expect to get expert training in all these areas and then perform all these tasks regularly, all while making sure your guests have a 5-star experience. It’s simply not a feasible undertaking.

2) You didn’t buy your property so you could become a content marketing expert.
Think back to when you either bought your property or began innkeeping. Do you remember saying to yourself, “I’m so excited about this new opportunity! I just can’t wait to spend several hours a month doing keyword research and writing blogs so I can get adequate traffic to my website!”

We’re guessing that was not a primary reason. More than likely, you got into the business because you love delighting your guests. You love making an incredible breakfast. You love providing an unbelievable getaway experience for folks from all over the country.

3) There’s more to marketing than just your pretty website.
Your website is an extremely important part of your business. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing, and it needs to be responsive so it looks great on all screens. Even more than that, though, it needs to perform at a high level. It needs to generate traffic. It needs to get visitors to the right pages. It needs to generate leads.

content marketing company
Lake Pointe Inn showing up on the first page of a Google search

4) You need to be answering guest questions before they get to the front desk.
This doesn’t mean that you need to be on the phone answering guest questions all day long. This means that you do need to have a blog strategy that aims to answer those questions through intensive keyword research. When people ask Google what the best restaurants are in your city, then you need to be showing up on the first page to answer that question.

5) If you aren’t being found online, then someone else is.
Just remember, if you aren’t the one providing great information and answering all the questions, then someone else is. That means your website will have less visitors, and at the end of the day, your property will have less guests.

6) Content marketing works!
Simply stated, content marketing works. The graph below shows the first eight months of blog traffic for one of our customers – Chatham Gables Inn.

content marketing company

The blue line represents total traffic to the blog, and the orange line represents organic traffic. This shows that Chatham Gables Inn is answering those questions that guests normally ask at the front desk. This increased traffic has translated greatly into increased bookings! We could have picked to display any of our customers graphically, as this is the result we see time and time again.

When you’re ready to chat about implementing a content marketing strategy and hiring a content marketing company, all you have to do is click the button below and request a conversation with Q4Launch founder Matt Bare.

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