6 Fun Ways to Use Hyperlapse for Marketing Your Property

August 31, 2014

If you haven’t seen it or heard of it yet, you soon will. Hyperlapse, a stand-alone app from Instagram, was released on August 26, and it has taken no time to make itself known all over the internet. Whether you are on Facebook or Instagram regularly, chances are you’ve already witnessed a Hyperlapse video.

“What does it do?” you may be asking yourself. Hyperlapse allows you to increase playback speed up to 12x after shooting a video on your iPhone or iPad (it’s currently only available on iOS devices). This makes for a pretty cool cinematographic effect on your video.

As with anything new that comes out in the social media and marketing universe, we try to ask ourselves the question, “Why does this matter, and can it be used effectively?” We definitely think that innkeepers and hotel and property managers can use Hyperlapse for marketing, particularly from a content generation standpoint. We all know that Facebook is a visual medium, so why not use the occasional Hyperlapse video for content on your property’s page?

Here is the Hyperlapse trailer for you to see for yourself a little of what it can do.

We believe this list will grow with time, but for now, here are 6 fun ways to use Hyperlapse for marketing your property.

Record a Sunrise or Sunset from Your Property
This will take some planning and some patience, but it can definitely provide a great Hyperlapse video. Hyperlapse allows you to record up to 45 minutes of video, so you can prop your iPad or iPhone up with a case or other ingenious device and let it record while you do other things around the property.

Take a Hike or a Bike Ride on a Nearby Trail
Taking a trip through the woods will show viewers the twists and turns of your trek at a fast rate. And it will allow them to see your trip in a matter of minutes as opposed to the length it takes you to do the entire trail.

Go for a Boat Ride at a Nearby Lake
Your boat is already going fast, so imagine how much the video will speed up once you use Hyperlapse? You can cover a lot of water in just a matter of minutes, so you will be able to give the viewer a wide-spread tour in a short period of time.

Record Breakfast Being Made from Start to Finish
This can be a cool thing to do. Start with cracking and scrambling the eggs, move to frying the bacon, and finish with preparing the dish on the plate for the guest (Ok, so this is the caliber of breakfast we would make, but obviously yours would be much more intricate and delicious!).

Film the Waves Crashing against the Rocks
Just set up your device to capture the waves rolling in for a period of time. Perhaps you’ll be able to see the tide go in our out at an alarming rate!

Take a Tour of Your Property
When a guest arrives, have someone film the entire tour that you would normally give a guest (we imagine it wouldn’t be more than 45 minutes!). Speed it up, post it on Facebook, and now your fans will get a complete tour of your property!

With this new app in its early stages, there will be more and more ways to properly use Hyperlapse for marketing your property in the future. For now, go ahead and give these 6 suggestions a try as part of your b&b marketing or luxury hotel marketing initiatives, and let us know what you think. And if you have other suggestions or cool ways to use Hyperlapse, feel free to let us know!

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