4 Bed and Breakfast Myths That Shouldn’t Fool You

March 22, 2016

Castle Marne Bed and BreakfastThere are many myths out there about what the bed and breakfast experience is really like that keep many people from enjoying the charm and comfort for these homey settings. While privacy can sometimes be wanting, and the WiFi is non-existent, these cliches are by no means the norm in the bed and breakfast industry. Many of the most coveted bed and breakfasts are actually quite modern, targeting young professionals, newlyweds and other groups looking for contemporary accommodations whether in the city or country. If you’ve been missing out on the bed and breakfast experience for all these years because you’re scared of sharing a bathroom or being away from your laptop, be fooled no longer by these myths!

Here are some popular bed and breakfast myths:

  1. There’s No Privacy
    Bed and breakfasts can’t be equated to hostels. You will have your own room, and in almost all cases your own bathroom too. Many bed and breakfasts are beautifully converted Victorian homes, giving you the luxury of retreating to your private room or enjoying the varied public spaces that feel similar to your own living room. Whether you’re a people person or more of an introvert, you’ll find the perfect balance of company and privacy at bed and breakfasts.
  2. Old People Only
    While you will always find those cute older couples enjoying a retreat or a stopover on a trip, many bed and breakfasts are doing a wonderful job of catering to the very mobile millennial generation. With a huge percentage of all travelers now being in their 20s and 30s, they would be foolish not to. If what you need is a comfy bed, warm meal, and a free WiFi hookup to be content, you can expect that added to the artisan feel of a cozy bed and breakfast.
  3. Not for City Travelers
    If you’re visiting a big city and need somewhere to stay, your first thought would hardly be to find a nice bed and breakfast. They’re probably out of the way, defunct or full of early-to-bed types. The fact is, there are bed and breakfasts, like Castle Marne in Denver, that are centrally located and close to some of the biggest sights and most beautiful parks in the city. Aside from wonderful and luxurious accommodations and a delicious breakfast, you can also look forward to having a really comfortable place to retreat to for that late afternoon rest after a day of exploring the big city. Sometimes a hotel just doesn’t give you the relaxing atmosphere you’re looking for on vacation. Bed and breakfasts never fail with their personal and thoughtful hospitality.
  4. Overly Fancy and Overpriced
    These are yet more myths about bed and breakfasts that just aren’t true. Most bed and breakfasts out there are the perfect mix of quaint and luxurious. You’ll enjoy things like Jacuzzi tubs in your bathroom and in-room massages while being treated like family by innkeepers. The homey feel of a bed and breakfast will always offset whatever luxury they are serving you. While a bed and breakfast can be just as pricey as a hotel, keep in mind that you are getting a meal included in the price. They’re actually a great deal!

Don’t be fooled by the talk of bed and breakfasts being all the things you’re not looking for. Instead, look for one that is the perfect fit for your personality!