3 Unique Wins With Our Latest Hospitality Website Design Project

August 3, 2017

Camelot Restaurant & Inn knew their website needed to be updated. Their property in Clarks Summit, PA, has a lot to offer, which means the website needed to work hard for them. At the Camelot Restaurant & Inn, they offer accommodations, a restaurant, a wedding venue and private party facilities. In addition to the various services, the property itself is trying to blend the look and feel of England in the 1500s with a fresh hospitality website design that works in 2017.

Here’s the inconvenient truth. No matter how beautiful and cutting edge your website is when you launch, it will look outdated in 3 years. That is the simple reality. When Carol Hughes, Special Events & Sales and Marketing Manager, and her team started research for a new hospitality website design, they found inspiration with The French Manor Inn & Spa. They learned that Q4Launch had designed their website and manages their marketing. The French Manor Inn & Spa had a similar scenario where they had more to offer than just accommodations.

Take a look at the old website design for the Camelot Restaurant & Inn:

Hospitality Website Design

A Fresh New Look for Hospitality Website Design

The inspiration for Camelot Restaurant & Inn comes from the original owners’ frequent visits to a British bed and breakfast built in the 1500s. Filled with beautiful wooden beams, antique inspired decor and a marvelous staircase, the inn invokes the feel of Olde World England. It was important to honor that history in the hospitality website design while balancing a design that is clean and current. They wanted to achieve a modern and fresh look while also conveying warmth, coziness, elegance, and an inviting feel.

We combined crisp and clean fonts with rounded corners on images and buttons to achieve a fresh and modern look. To convey warmth and coziness, we added a subtle texture and soft cream color to the background. Lastly, to honor the history and Olde World England, we incorporated unique fleur-de-lis elements on the home page.

See what you think of the new hospitality website design:

hospitality website design


As we mentioned, this property can serve a multitude of needs from a weekend getaway to an intimate wedding to a corporate event. It was important to organize this information in a way that is easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye.

The first step was to prioritize the options and create calls to action. This makes it easy for a website visitor to choose the service they seek. In addition, we employed transitions to encourage engagement. On this website, when you hover over the different services, they change color (from blue to tan) as an indicator to “click here.”

hospitality website design

Easy to Use and Maintain

This was critical in Carol’s selection for a website design provider. She wanted to be able to make simple changes herself in a manner that is quick and easy. Of course, there are days when you actually need technical support. So Carol opted for our subscription model. She received a website that was custom to her needs while being easy to use on the back-end. The website went live in 45 days, and she was provided with training on how to update the website for things like specials, amenities or pricing. Her subscription provided her with ongoing customer support for those items that required technical experience. Finally, this option offers a New Every Three™ Guarantee for an updated hospitality website design every three years, included in the price of the subscription!

If you’re wondering what is possible for your hospitality website design, request our 21-Point Website Inspection.

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