Everything You Need to Know About Hotel Facebook Posts and the Benefits of Social Media in the Hospitality Industry

Facebook App on iPhoneIf there was a free way to promote your business to thousands of people in minutes, wouldn’t you be doing it? It’s time to step up your Facebook game! Out of all the people that use the Internet, two-thirds are social media users. An average of 1.47 billion people log onto Facebook each day, making it one of the largest social networks available. The list of benefits of social media in the hospitality industry is infinite. Here is what you need to know about Facebook for hotels, vacation rentals, and bed and breakfasts.

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Top 3 Benefits of Social Media in the Hospitality Industry

1. Website Traffic

People are naturally curious. When something sparks our attention, we want to find out more about it. To craft the perfect hotel Facebook post, make sure to give your followers a next step. Try to lead them to your website and drive traffic that will hopefully convert to a lead or booking.

2. Brand Awareness

It’s common practice for consumers to do their research before deciding on a product or service. This is also true of potential guests who are thinking of booking a stay at your hotel, B&B, or vacation rental! Facebook users often stumble across businesses through shared posts and friends’ posts. No matter how someone reaches your page, this is your chance to make a good impression through your content. Capture their attention and make your brand shine through!

3. Booking Potential

Not only can social media drive traffic to your site, but it is also one of the easiest ways to take advantage of the Marketing Rule of 7. This means that the consumer needs to see or hear about a product at least seven times before buying. Social media makes this easier than ever! With insightful, engaging content, you will reach potential guests at least seven times in no time at all.

6 Hotel Facebook Posts You Need to Be Using

1. Create Video Content

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? Facebook’s recent algorithm update favors video content more than ever. This means that if you post a video, it will be shown to more people. Plus, it gives potential guests an inside look at your area and property. If a user in a snow-covered New England town stumbles on your video of waves crashing on a Florida beach, there’s a good chance they’ll be inspired to book a trip! Take advantage of this feature by creating exciting video content that offers users a glimpse into your world and encourages them to visit your destination.

2. Go Live

Facebook Live is a relatively new live streaming video function that gives you the chance to promote your business in real time. Your followers can watch what you’re doing as you are doing it and will feel more involved. As you’re broadcasting, your viewers can comment. Respond on video to their requests to keep them engaged!

3. Specials and Packages

Are you running any specials or packages at your hotel, B&B, or vacation rental company? One of the most significant benefits of social media in the hospitality industry is that you can let your followers know what deals are available. Push them to book with an awesome coupon code or convince the tentative guest to come by reminding them about the free bottle of wine you leave in the room during midweek stays. Make your hotel Facebook posts promotional!

4. Beautiful Pictures

Show people what they’re missing when you post a photo. Invite potential guests to stay with a room photo, make people hungry with a breakfast picture, or showcase the area around your property. Sharing the scenery with your audience reminds them of all the wonderful things they can see and do during their visit. It might even spur a nostalgic response that has people booking their next trip!

5. Generate Leads

One of Q4Launch’s services is lead generation for your business. If you have lead generation set up, these Facebook posts give you even more opportunities to grow your email marketing lists and reach more potential customers. When we manage our clients’ Facebook pages, we make sure to share our lead generation a few times a month.

6. Links That Lead to Your Website

More direct bookings mean less reliance on OTAs. To get those direct bookings, you need to bring potential guests to your website! Sharing links directly from your website with a fun caption will produce clicks to the site. Assure your followers that they will get the best rate when they book directly with you, and they will be more likely to do so.

Get on Facebook Now!

Menu of an Iphone showing all the applications and social mediaThe main benefits of social media in the hospitality industry have to do with website traffic and brand awareness. It’s time to step up your game! Our Social Media Guide will get you started with Facebook do’s and don’ts as well as examples of successful hotel Facebook posts to point you in the right direction. If you’re still unsure about social media or don’t have the time to master it while running your business, consider letting Q4Launch take over. We specialize in marketing for hotels, bed and breakfast, and vacation rentals. With our strategies, you can start to reap the rewards of Facebook. Contact us today to learn more!


Sarah Lefebvre | Content Creator